Are you a researcher, investigator, journalist, or intelligence analyst? Or are you someone who simply loves to delve deep into the internet for research purposes? Whichever the case, there’s a tool tailored for you: the OSINT-tool, an advanced Chrome browser extension that reinvents online research.

OSINT and Browser Augmentation: A Seamless Pairing

“OSINT” stands for Open Source Intelligence. It refers to the information collected from publicly available sources, and with our increasing reliance on the digital realm, the importance of robust OSINT tools has never been greater.

Enter the OSINT-tool. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a full-fledged browser augmentation system that empowers your Chrome experience. Here’s how:

  1. Website Persistence: Ever lost track of an important site you visited earlier? OSINT-tool eliminates this issue. It meticulously logs every site you visit, capturing both the URL and a screenshot. Mark specific parts of the screen as crucial, and the tool will store these screengrabs for easy retrieval. For sites you’ll revisit, the bookmark feature ensures they’re always at your fingertips.
  2. Extract Crucial Data: Whether it’s names, email addresses, hashtags, or IP addresses, OSINT-tool scans and extracts these objects from every page you access. But it doesn’t stop there! It also visualizes how sites relate based on these objects, offering an interlinked web of your digital journey.
  3. Enrich Your Findings: OSINT-tool is integrated with premier OSINT utilities like Dehashed, Epieos, Censys, and Shodan. Want to delve deeper into an object? Use these tools without the hassle of jumping between pages. This feature extends to images too, ensuring you can reverse search and examine Exif data effortlessly.

The OSINT-tool: A Fresh Perspective on Data

With its diverse view modes, the OSINT-tool ensures you never lose sight of your research. The History graph traces your online path, while the Object view interlinks sites based on content. For those who prefer a more visual touch, the Thumbnail view presents a snapshot of every site you’ve visited.

If that wasn’t enough, the tool’s highlighter function acts as your vigilant assistant, scanning pages for specific terms and alerting you instantly. It’s not just about finding information; it’s about pinpointing it instantly.

Safeguarding Your Data

Data privacy is paramount. Rest assured, OSINT-tool keeps all your data local. Share your projects with peers or load previous ones with ease.

In a digital age overflowing with information, the OSINT-tool is your compass, guiding you through the vast expanse of the internet, ensuring every discovery is a click away. Enhance your research; redefine your browser experience. Dive deep with the OSINT-tool!