The Vortimo extension can be installed on any popular Chromium based browser including:

  • Chrome (duh)
  • Microsoft Edge (no really, and it’s pretty sweet)
  • Brave (good for privacy)
  • Opera (we feel super trendy when using it)

The full list is available on Wikipedia [here], and while it should work everywhere we’ve tested on those listed above. The standard way to install the extension is documented in detail in [this] section, and it works like that for Chrome, Chromium and Brave – but let’s see how to install it on Opera and Edge.


TLDR; You need to install an Opera extension called ‘Install Chrome Extensions’ – then install from the Chrome store.

  • Make sure you have the sidebar visible. You can do this by clicking on settings (top right hand corner of browser), and sliding the ‘Show sidebar’ to the on setting.
  • On the sidebar, select Extensions (it’s the icon that looks like a box) – this will open the extension management screen.
  • Click on ‘Get More extensions’ – this will take you to the Opera Addon store.
  • In the search bar – search for ‘install chrome extensions’

  • Install the Opera extension that is called ‘Install Chrome Extensions’ – you see where we’re going with this right?
  • Visit the Chrome Web store and install Vortimo from there as usual.


  • Go Settings -> Extensions
  • Check the slider that reads “Allow extensions from other stores” – it’s on the left bottom of the screen.

  • Go to the Chrome Store and install Vortimo like usual.