About OSINT Tool

The story behind OSINT Tool (and our other tools)

Vortimo is the company behind OSINT Tool and was founded at the start of 2019 by Roelof Temmingh.

Roelof has a long history in the IT security and OSINT industry. He was a founder of SensePost in 2000 and of Paterva (the company that made Maltego) in 2008.

Vortimo is located in a 70s-style house in Pretoria, South Africa.

Here are all the tools we build


OSINT tool is a browser extension built for researchers, investigators, journalists and intelligence analysts. Our extension gives you access to a suite of OSINT utilities directly on any webpage you visit. OSINT Tool is the primary product Vortimo builds.

Chrome Extension


AutoVort is a Chrome extension that automates your browser to do useful things. Use in conjunction with OSINT-tool browser extension (or any other tool!)

Chrome Extension

Exif Viewer

An online Exif viewer that just works.  Like a a fork.

Online Exif Viewer

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