Vortimo’s OSINT-Tool is different from other OSINT software.

It’s a browser extension (and supporting web application) that offers a real-time, on-page approach to analyzing web content – completely content and site agnostic. This novel approach provides you with near-instant data enrichment and tracking while causing minimal intrusion, focus drift and effort. Best results when used by seasoned online researchers, investigative journalists, or intelligence analysts.

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Access popular OSINT tools on any web page
Extract objects from any webpage
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Access popular OSINT tools on any webpage

No need for switching between pages or tools. Access services like Dehashed, Epieos, Domaintools, etc. directly on any webpage

  • Reverse image search on images using Yandex/Google/Bing/TinEye.
  • Exif on images using Vortimo’s own online Exif viewer (yay).
  • Find old instances of the pages you’re on using WayBack machine and other tools.
  • Find pages that use the same tracking codes using BuiltWith and other tools.

Keep track of every site you visit

  • Save URL + screenshot of every page you visit.
  • Allows you to capture any part of the screen and save it and find it later.
  • You can bookmark sites for easy retrieval later.
  • You can search for pages you’ve been to using title / URL or bookmark.

Extracts objects from web pages

  • Names, email addresses, phone numbers, hashtag, alias, GPS coordinates, IP address and others.
  • Filter on type, value of object, see where it occurred in pages you’ve been to.
  • You can copy list of objects to clipboard to easily paste into reports/databases/other tools.
  • Allows you to search for any of the extracted objects.

Graph View 

See how everything connects as your investigation goes on.

  • Show a graph of how you navigate from one site to another. Keep track of your journey.
  • Show graphs of how extracted objects (email, phone, alias, hashtag, blah) are related to each other, via sites that you’ve visited.

Highlight the web

Immediately know if a POI  appears while you’ve browsing many pages.

  • You provide a list of names (or any other text) and we highlight it in ALL pages you go to in future.
  • When text is seen on a page, a visual ‘bell’ is shown on the left of the screen.
  • You can have lists of text to highlight and in 4 different colors (customizable) and bells.

What users are saying

“Vortimo is very useful for preserving your OSINT searches as well as getting a quick overview on where to pivot based on data.”

Nico Dekens, Dutch OSINT Guy

“Personal web archive and search engine for my browser history, it’s an amazing tool!”

The Grugq, Hacker Guy Legend

“Vortimo is super useful for research because it gives you full text search of pages you’ve visited as well as snapshots of those pages for memory context”

Dominic White, CEO (SensePost)

“Highly recommended for anyone who does OSINT or just any sort of research. Really, really handy!”

“Vortimo is one of the essential OSINT tools we use for our deep dive investigations to combat domain name security threat.”

Theo Geurts, GRC Officer at RealtimeRegister.com

“Seriously worth checking for anyone that uses a browser.”

“Our digital exhausts produce more information than ever before. Trying to successfully manage collection, processing, exploitation and production today is a tough task. Vortimo made it easier to see the paths needed for an investigation.”

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