Unravel (BETA3)

Update June 2024

Screen clipping annotations + new screenshot view and reworked notes.

Updated May 2024

User management + separation

We’re calling it Unravel for now, but you might know it by the internal code name ‘SnackBox’. The name is not set, this is also just a placeholder.

What is it?

It’s a Chrome extension that speaks to a server (in the cloud or in your server room), and keeps track of sites you’ve browsed to. It saves screenshots of the sites as well as all the body text. It allows you to make notes and mark screen areas on a page as important.

It’s useful for anyone that wants to remember and organize sites they’ve been to – typically online researchers or investigators, but also useful for … I dunno – shopping.

NB: We’ve designed this system to work equally well for 100 visits or 25 000 visits. This means you can set and forget.

How is this different to the browser’s history ?

  • Visual search using screenshots and screen clippings
  • Full text search on page content
  • Ability to take, store and retrieve unlimited screenshots per site
  • Bookmarking of screen clippings, sites + retrieval
  • Multiple projects (not just one flat history)
  • Sharing of data between team members

Your data, your server

We will be selling servers from day one, so that you could have your own private server and your data never leaves your network.

The client that talks to the public server would likely be free for a limited (but big number) amount of visits, so people can see how the system works before making the decision to buy a server.

If you’re interested to get your own server for the beta contact us at snackbox@vortimo.com. Ye, you’re going to feel silly typing this..:)

Install the extension

Get the Unravel extension by clicking on the button below. It’s not listed, meaning you can tell your friends and that’s kind of OK, but it’s not totally public yet.

How-to video

I think you can figure out how everything works by randomly clicking on things and smashing buttons (you’ll probably do this anyhow), but if you want to save some time – watch the video.

I’ve tried to keep the video short but it ended up being almost 10 minutes…


  • Annotations (eg. ability to make notes on page, screenshot)  done June ’24
  • Move away from bookmarks and towards named tags. Not happening
  • RTF export of scratchpad Feel free hit the copy button (top right) and paste into your fav. word processor.
  • Import / export of projects
  • Real time collaboration on projects – e.g. N users working on the same project at the same time (we basically have this already)
  • Multiple scratchpad pages + useful macros.

Since the text and the screenshot of the page you’ve been to is in a nice structured database we also plan to do clever AI shit with it (hi, it’s 2024 and that’s what we do), but AI wasn’t our departing point.

Release date

We’re hoping to go live with this in June or July 2024.

Update June 2024 – we are live with Beta3. We’re working on the next version. Perhaps it will be v1.0 – who knows.

If you have suggestions, question, or want to send us money email us at snackbox@vortimo.com

Known bugs [beta2]

  • Under VirtualBox, the screenshot selection (e.g. user defined area) does not work.