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1.Introduction #

TGZ: about,feature

1.1.Architecture #

TGZ: stack,java,client database application,server,chromium,brave,edge,opera,sideloaded,aws

2.Overview #

TGZ: button,control box,indicators,switch,icon,shutter

3.Install considerations #

TGZ: install, automatically, interface, UI, 4104,, localhost, restart, server

4.UI Sections #

TGZ: overview, sections

5.URLs & Domains #

TGZ: URLs, domains, count, sort, title, classification, visit, general

6.Results #

TGZ: tile, list, replay, render, header, pdf, jpg, mhtml, evidence pack, previous, next, mode

7.Objects #

TGZ: objects, types, name, alias, phone, email address, hash, bitcoin, gps, network, cidr, parsing, sort

7.1.Enrichment #

TGZ: enrichment, widgets, links, aws, lambda, api keys

8.Images #

TGZ: images, pictures, exif, hash, sha1, photos, resolution

9.Finding & filtering #

TGZ: find, search, filter, time, notes

9.1.Filter - Text #

TGZ: notes, free text search, find

9.2.Filter - Image #

TGZ: exif, size, resolution, SHA1

9.3.Filter - Time #

TGZ: time, timeline, temporal, x-axis, bar graph, bottom

10.Deleting data #

TGZ: deleted, removed, ignored, permanent

11.Tagging #

TGZ: tag, tagging

11.1.Tag config #

TGZ: add tag, tags config, colors, colours

11.2.Tagging - Text #

TGZ: highlight, underline, select, text, red, dotted, yellow

11.3.Tagging - Images #

TGZ: context, right click, image tag, screen area, grab, crosshair

11.4.Tagging - Pages / URLs #

TGZ: tag page, URL, right click, context

11.5.Changing Tags #

TGZ: change tag

11.6.Search by tag #

TGZ: search tag

12.Browser Augmentation #

12.1.Control box #

TGZ: extension, control box, shutdown, start, advanced settings, timing, status, version

12.2.Button #

TGZ: extension, recording, highlighting, recording mode, manual, red, orange, green

12.3.Recording modes #

TGZ: shutter, recording mode, manual, red, orange, green, disable

12.4.Heads-up display #

TGZ: headsup,heads-up display, HUD, extension, recording, highlighting, hotspot, search, ignore

13.Graph Mode #

TGZ: graph, graphs, nodes, layout, incoming, links, linking, connection, connecting

14.Project Management #

TGZ: projects, investigations, databases, switch, exporting, importing, share

15.Reports #

TGZ: reporting, MHTML, tagging, export

16.Exporting data #

16.1.Export - Web pages #

TGZ: exporting, CSV, ZIP, MHTML. hash, SHA1, migration, XLS, spreadsheet, tab, list, assets

16.2.Export - Images #

TGZ: exporting, CSV, ZIP, hash, SHA1, migration, XLS, spreadsheet, tab, list, assets, images

16.3.Export - Objects #

TGZ: exporting, CSV, objects, migration, XLS, spreadsheet, tab

16.4.Export - Evidence Pack #

TGZ: exporting, PDF, CSV, ZIP, MHTML. hash, SHA1, evidence, list, assets

17.Licensing #

TGZ: licenses, licensing, buy, email, keys, username, password, OTP, one time pin, captcha, users, credit card, fastspring, owner

18.Troubleshooting #

18.1.Basic - User level #

TGZ: bug, troubleshooting, problem, restart, reboot, error

18.2.Advanced #

TGZ: openjdk, java, orientDB, linux, windows, mac, Application support, AppData, json, processed, DB, logs, logfile

19.Vortimo Capturing System Explained #

TGZ: capture, snapshot, MHTML, visit, scroll, scoller, infinite, DOM, page, window, javascript, lazy loading, throttle, override, unloading, wall, diff, resize, record, timing, advanced settings

20.AutoVort #

TGZ: AutoVort

20.1.Introduction #

TGZ: automated, automates, TOU, scroll, scroller, crawler

20.2.Timing / Size Settings #

TGZ: timing, millisecond, page size, px, wait

20.3.URL list scroller #

TGZ: scroller, URL list, sites

20.4.Crawler / Recipe #

TGZ: recipe, crawler, social networks, append, URL

21.Other browsers / TOR #

TGZ: TOR, onion, brave, firefox, safari, edge, chromium, vpn

22.Vortimo + TraceLabs VM #

TGZ: tracelabs, virtual, vm, chromium, native host, install, cookies, 3rd, party, third, nativemessaginghosts

23.Finding / Investigation People Online Guide #

TGZ: guide, osint, OSINT, people, leak, dump, search, training