TLDR; not right now, and not how you’d expect it to.

The longer version is this – the extension that records the web pages to your database is really JavaScript that gets injected into every page you view. It means – no page, no extension, no recording. So – when you open a PDF file – there is no place to insert the JavaScript, meaning – Vortimo does not even know you went there.

Clearly this is not a great situation (since a lot of juicy info could be on these pages). We plan to make a (open source) PDF viewing site – that will basically change the PDF into HTML so that we can record it. You will then be able to open the PDF on our site – we will be able to show all the fun meta data too – and it will be recorded because now it’s HTM.

Of course, since it’s open source you will be able to host this yourself if you don’t want to send the PDFs to us. What? You don’t trust us??? 🙂

Don’t ask us when we’ll have it. The answer is always soon.